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    About Portlane

    • Pictures from the new data center

      Portlane was formed in 2009 and its main operation is divided in to two core operations as both Internet service provider (ISP) and Hosting provider. Both core operations collaborates to provide with solutions that covers all the needs you may have in the areas of Internet and Hosting.

      2011 the construction began to create Portlanes new data center “Nacka Station” and which today is one of Swedens most modern and secure data centers situated deep within the bedrock just outside of Stockholm. Besides the technology of tomorrow and world class security, the data center also uses eco-friendly cooling systems.

      2015 Portlanes was acquired by new owners that could see the great potential of Portlane as a challenger in the market of internet operators. More staff and a greater organization are now operating from a new datacenter in Västberga, 10 minutes from Stockholm City Central.

      Portlane is based in Stockholm and manages all operational activities from Sweden which includes the global infrastructure Portlane possess and delivers services to companies world wide. Largely thanks to the global network which has been delevoped over the years and is represented in most major cities around Europe.

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