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    With Portlane you can easily expand your infrastructure and reach new markets in both the Nordics and Europe. We are established in several big cities throughout Europe with global connections. Our network is connected with multiple 10GE links to and from the biggest exchange points throughout Europe where we can deliver large traffic volumes to low costs.

    Grow with us!

    We do continuous follow up on our customers’ needs and constantly re-negotiate new favorable agreements along the rate the customer grows in. This eliminates long grueling agreements which do not belong in the network business where the conditions constantly changes.

    Data Center Reach Stockholm

    With wavelengths from Portlane you can easily secure and increase capacity between Data Centers in Stockholm. We are present at most Data Centers in the Stockholm area with redundant paths to each site and we are continuously expanding with new locations. A complete list of our available locations can be seen below.

    We offer transfer with the following protocols;

    • MPLS
    • VLAN
    • WDM
    • Dark fiber

    We can deliver network transport services between/from the following locations:


    • Västberga Datacenter
    • Stokab KN7
    • Stokab KN5
    • Skanova/Telia Fredhäll
    • Telecity Bromma
    • Telecity Spånga
    • Telecity Sköndal
    • InterXion
    • IP-Only/Availo Hammarby
    • Bahnhof Pionen
    • Level3 Liljeholmen


    • Slakthusgatan 5 SHG


    • Västergatan 4
    • WorldTradeCenter
    • Krossverksgatan 13


    • Sundstorget 2 Najaden


    • GleSYS DC
    • Telestationen


    • Digiplex
    • Verizon


    • Global Connect
    • InterXion


    • Telecity AMS5


    • Equinix FRA5


    • Telecity HEX6/7
    • Telecity HEX8/9

    Contact us and our network engineers will analyze your needs and design a service that suits you.

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